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Is Chiropractic First Right For You?

Dr. Kenneth Savage adjusting an infant.

Dr. Kenneth Savage adjusting an infant.

Chiropractic First is a family practice.

We treat individuals from birth (literally) to old age.

Much like your dentist, Chiropractic First takes a “preventive maintenance” approach. Because the spine houses the spinal cord, which is the “master switch” of the entire nervous system (which in turn impacts all other organs and systems in the body), maintaining proper alignment can help maintain good health in all physical and physiological functions. Therefore, in addition to treating back pain caused by injuries, we recommend a regular schedule of visits for patients of all ages.

Infants and Children

Infant chiropractic care can make a significant difference in health and growth right from birth. During the birthing process, a baby can spend multiple hours in the birth canal in distorted head and neck positions. Therefore, the individual’s first subluxation (the medical term for misalignment of the spine) can actually occur at birth. Symptoms of such misalignment can be chronic colic, disrupted sleep patterns, and digestive problems. Infant chiropractic care can help with these and other symptoms, and can get the newborn’s body on the path to optimal health from the get go.

As a preventative and maintenance measure, chiropractic care allows children to grow without nerve interference from the spine misalignment. Because the child’s nerves function properly, they are able to achieve their full growth potential and become much healthier than children not under chiropracticcare.

Teens and Adults

Sports injuries, accidents, and strains leading to back pain are often the factors that lead a teen or adult to our offices. Because of the excellent education they received from our staff, many of our teen/adult patients continue treatments after their pain has been relieved. They often find that other conditions such as allergies and asthma clear up as well.


For seniors, maintaining mobility and independence is important. A full chiropractic care plan allows older individuals to maintain movement and reduce the effects of arthritis, which in turn helps them to pursue an active and independent lifestyle. This can indirectly have a positive impact on psychology and attitude, which allows seniors to lead fulfilling lives.

Is chiropractic right for you? Call or email to find out.