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Campbell Chiropractors Of Chiropractic First

Dr. Ken Savage

Dr. Kenneth SavageDr. Savage’s first experience with chiropractic came at the young age of 16, when he injured his low back playing sports. Advised to undergo back surgery, he instead took the advice of a family friend who referred him to a chiropractor. The chiropractor helped Dr. Savage overcome spine and nerve injury and educated him on the exercises that would become a part of his life. Not only did that chiropractor become his mentor, but he urged Dr. Savage to seek a career in chiropractic. Since that time, his life changed forever.

Initially specializing in treating sports injuries by combining chiropractic with physical therapy, Dr. Savage found that his clients were returning for regular adjustments even after recovering. They found chiropractic helped not only with recovering from injuries, but in maintaining good health. This experience led Dr. Savage to focus on chiropractic for wellness and maintenance.

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After graduating from Palmer College, Dr. Savage worked as a chiropractor for eight years at 24-Hour fitness and for five years at Apple Computers. At Apple, he helped run health and fitness programs and assisted employees with complaints ranging from backache to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Since opening Chiropractic First in 1998, Dr. Savage has become one of the leading teachers and coaches in chiropractic through Chiro Advance Services, Inc., a business that helps many doctors perfect their technique, skills, marketing and business strategies. Dr. Savage is a regular speaker at local colleges, such as DeAnza College, Life College West, and Palmer College, and devotes a great deal of time to promoting chiropractic as a health maintenance program for all individuals.

Dr. Savage’s philosophy is that the body has an amazing power or “innate intelligence” to heal itself and operate at optimum level. His mission and commitment are to the vital health for each individual in our community. His goal is to enable each person to reach their full potential through chiropractic care, improving health habits, and teaching the responsibility of lifelong health.

Practicing since 1986

D.C. Palmer College West
B.A. Rugers University

Professional Associations:
Chiro-Advance Services
International and California Chiropractic Associations

Dr. TJ Gudilin

From Young Athlete to Chiropractor

Dr TJ GudilinWhen Dr. Gudilin (better known around the office as Dr. G) was 13 years old, he was an avid rugby player who had been experiencing dizziness during games and practices with radiating shoulder and neck pain—to the point where he would “see stars.” Knowing this was not normal, his mother took him to see a Chiropractor. Dr. G was immediately amazed at the sheer energy this chiropractor had. After spending some time with him, he learned how chiropractic could correct his shoulder and neck problems. He still remembers a day more than 20 years ago when he turned to his mother after being adjusted and said, “Mom, I want to be a Chiropractor.”

Dr. G went on to attend the renowned Life College West where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Though he initially specialized in treating sports injuries with other therapies, he later found that care worked best when it was focused and specific to each patient.

He has enjoyed every day that he’s been able to practice chiropractic, spreading health and wellness to the community. He hopes to help his patients understand the benefits of chiropractic while improving their lives for the long-term instead of merely masking symptoms.