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About Us

Chiropractic First exteriorBack in 1998, Dr. Ken Savage opened Chiropractic First. He served as a mentor to Dr. TJ Gudilin, who grew up in Canada and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University West. Dr. Gudilin (or Dr. G, as he’s called) took over the practice in 2019.

Our Full Body Approach

When it comes to improving your health, you don’t want to have to resort to masking your pain with medications or having a risky surgery. You need to get to the bottom of your issues and discover what the cause is. That’s the main focus at our chiropractic care center. We want to find the source of your problem, then provide the corrective care you need. Our two massage therapists are also available on-site to serve as a further complement to your healing.

Your thorough examination includes digital, weight-bearing X-rays. With a look at these images, we can discover the underlying reason for your pain or dysfunction. Each patient is different and requires an individualized form of care. You can feel confident that you’ll get exactly what you need with us.

Helping You Live Better

You might be surprised to learn of all the ailments that chiropractic can address.

One such patient was a car accident victim who was ejected from his vehicle. He spent three months learning how to walk again and had trouble breathing. The nerves in the middle of the back go to the lungs. This man’s nerves were out of alignment. After an adjustment, he was breathing better.

Another case involved a man who was bedridden. On heavy painkillers, he was scheduled to get back surgery. A friend referred him to our office. He came in on crutches and could barely stand. After care, the patient could move around by himself and didn’t need crutches anymore. His entire family is now under care here.

Free Consultations Available

Learn more about what we do without incurring any costs or obligation. Contact our team today to schedule your complimentary consultation!


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