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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care
At Chiropractic First

Pregnant mom with dad's hand on bellyWhen you’re pregnant, your body is making incredible changes to help your baby grow. Some moms are fortunate and have a fantastic pregnancy experience. Others find that they have everyday aches, pains and problems that they can’t take medications to mask because of the risk to their pregnancy. No matter which of these two categories you find yourself in, the team at Chiropractic First is here to support you. We’ll provide nondrug prenatal chiropractic solutions to help you get out of pain or stay well!

How Pain Occurs

When you’re pregnant, you’re adding several pounds of extra weight to the front of your body. As a result, your low back is strained like it never has been before. Furthermore, the hormone relaxin is released throughout your body to ready you for your baby’s delivery. These two factors combined can add up to serious discomfort.

While attending chiropractic college at Life University West, Dr. G learned all about the Webster Technique. With this method, he addresses the ligaments around your pelvis that hold your uterus in place. It also aligns your hips to make sure the baby has space to get in the right position for delivery. All of the techniques we’ll use are gentle and won’t put any pressure on your baby.

Many people wonder when the right time is to begin chiropractic care. We’ve had patients come to us seeking pre-pregnancy care due to fertility problems. After starting care, they were able to get pregnant.

The reproductive nerves control your entire reproductive system, branching out from the spine. If there is a misalignment in this area of the spine, it can affect how your reproductive organs function. By taking pressure off the nerves, these organs can work as they should.

After you’ve had your baby, we’ll check you and your new bundle of joy to make sure you both have healthy nervous systems.

We occasionally see moms who seem to take to pregnancy like a duck to water. Even if you’re not in pain, you can still benefit from our care during your pregnancy. Just like you go to the dentist for checkups even if you don’t have a toothache, you can have spinal or pelvic misalignments and not know about them. We’ll check to ensure your pelvis is aligned for delivery and that your nervous system is healthy.

Does the adjustment hurt?

No. Our adjustments are gentle and safe. We would never do anything to hurt you or your baby.
How often will I need to be adjusted?

Your care plan will depend on which stage of pregnancy you’re in and the cause of your problems. We take a custom approach to each person’s care, meaning we’ll recommend exactly what we think you need—no more, and no less.

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