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Campbell, CA Chiropractor Is On A Mission To Serve

Less than 10% of the population knows what a chiropractor does. We are not the “back doctors” so many people label us as.

Chiropractic is a Science, Art and Philosophy.

We have some the best science/research in the world proving what we do influences the brain and nervous system. A better functioning brain and nervous system leads to a better functioning body.  A body that is not plagued with pain, sickness or dis-ease.

Adjusting spines is an art and not a “gross manipulation”. People think we “crack backs” nothing is further from the truth.  What we do is very specific, very safe, very gentle and very effective.

Chiropractic is a Philosophy. We know that the body is designed to heal from the inside out. If you’ve ever cut your finger, the healing that takes place is self evident.

Now think about this, in just 9 months, you went from a single cell to a fully developed human being that now consists of over 100 trillion cells. 100 TRILLION CELLS! …that’s mind boggling.  How did your body know which cells to turn into eyeballs, which ones to turn into fingers, which ones to turn into a heart, liver or kidney?  Life is truly a miracle and a mystery.

You see, the truth is, there is an intelligence inside your body that created your body that is far superior to anything man has ever known or created. The chiropractor honors this intelligence.  We work with the innate intelligence that’s inside you, not against it. We remove interference that helps produce the best opportunity for your body to heal and be well.

Part of our mission at Chiropractic First is to help people wake up to that.  …and we need your help.

If you or someone you know has a health challenge or just wants to do something that is proactive in helping them live their life to their optimal potential, have them call our office for a free consultation.  (408) 559-1662

Thank you for sharing chiropractic with your friends and family.

In the mean time,

Love and Wisdom,

Dr. Ken Savage


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